Advancing environmental stewardship of our soil and vegetation resources

About Paragon Infinity

Known for our focus on soil and vegetation among other things, Paragon is a premier firm that handles development and reclamation. Our staff of soil specialists and vegetation and wetlands ecologists is on hand to work on any size project. Paragon’s main objective is to maintain our reputation as a valued partner that provides innovative reclamation solutions that help our clients succeed.

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Our Mission

To be Canada’s premier reclamation, technical services, and research firm for soil, vegetation, and wetlands.

Paragon specializes in providing innovative, sustainable reclaimed landscape planning and execution for customers throughout the duration of their project.

Conducting Biophysical Assesments
Reclaimed Landscapes
Supervising Construction and Reclamation

Our Corporate Philosophy

We’ve established a reputation for ourselves through our focus on the needs of our clients and responding with our high-quality, high-value solutions. Paragon is guided by four core values in all facets of our business.


We are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming work environment that will be conducive to our employees' professional development and growth.

We work diligently to promote environmental conservation and also engage others who share our passion for it.


We serve our customers by meeting their needs and desires and meeting the promises we make.

We have a stellar reputation in professional integrity, technical capability, and procedural safety.

We center our attention on the most practical means of managing difficulties, seek out new approaches, and promote proactive regulatory support.


Through teamwork, we are focused on service and individuals, and our team members showcase their talents with training, mentoring, and feedback.

Our clients' success is our success -working together with our clients in the field and at the table helps us to create solutions.

We integrate cutting-edge research into our four decades of experience in the field.


Our experts work hard to earn the trust of our clients by being reliable, open and honest in all their actions.

Success is determined by our long-term client relationships and not short-lived transactions.

We have strict standards regarding the performance of our staff, the quality of our services, and transparency of all our activities.

Our Partnerships

We Are a Proud Partner of the infinity Métis Corporation

Infinity Métis Corporation and our partners offer a diverse scope of expertise as successful service providers within the Wood Buffalo region and beyond. All of our partners and potential partners must be engaged with the McMurray Métis Local 1935 membership, whether through participation at events or by providing support to the McMurray Métis social mandate. IMC staff and management are engaged in day-to-day operations and business discussions. Working together, the McMurray Métis membership has opportunities for training and employment with all our partners, building on strength, experience and integrity.

We are a proud member of
the Infinity Métis Corporation

With our fourteen partners, we build on strength, experience and integrity. Learn about the professional services we provide through them and the business opportunities we have.

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